Lace and Boots


This outfit was a mess to pick out.  I actually had something completely different in mind and then I changed the shoes…and then when I changed the shoes, I changed the pants to match…and then when I changed the pants I changed the shirt….3 times…. Haha, its kind of like that store When You Give a Mouse a Cookie, only it happened in my closet, and I didn’t have time for a nap after. boooo

I bought these boots last fall, and though I love them, I’ve been having a hard time styling them.  It’s been difficult to wear these boots wile still remaining feminine, so I had the brilliant idea to add in my lace shirt!  Voila!






Edward Scissor Hands Meets Flying Squirrel


K, i feel like I have a love hate relationship with this shirt. I love it, but it’s very strange to me.  When I hold up my arms i look like a flying squirrel, but when i keep them down i feel like Edward Scissorhands.  It’s one of those shirts that I always am on the verge of getting rid of, but never actually do. After seeing the pics, I’m still unsure…chances are it will stay put for a while.





Orange is the New Black


Orange is the new black…I just watched the series and have decided that it was a good motto for my wardrobe this fall too.  For some reason, I’ve been really getting into the color that I had never really liked before.  Hey, whatever works!

I added this ruffle tank with my burnt orange sweater from J.Crew along with my beads.


Transistioning a Summer Favorite To Fall


Over this past summer I realized that I love the stripes/leopard combo!  I love it so much, I’m now finding a way to bring that into my fall fashion.  I paired a striped tee and leopard scarf that I have worn multiple times over the summer with shorts, with a darker, longer pair of slacks.  Since it’s still kind of indian summer, I’m wearing my new Zoe Ankle Slacks from Ann Taylor Loft, but there is a chill in the morning so I added on my short sleeved wool jacket.  love it!  Also, since I just got these slacks a couple weeks ago, I was hoping that I’d be able to find another couple ways to wear them before it got too cold for them…mission accomplished!

*Please note that i’m not trying to look miserable in the first pic…I was rushing before work so I couldn’t retake it! yikeesss!





Shoes:  Payless ($15)

Slacks:  LOFT ($2.44 – marked down from $60!!!)

Shirt:  Kohl’s (old)

Scarf:  Bob’s – birthday gift from sister.

Jacket:  Banana Republic ($79 – old apx 3 years)

End of Summer Depression


I can’t really think of anything that I really want to wear, probably mostly because I’m so depressed that it’s “layer season”.  It’s freezing cold outside now in the morning and where I used to be able to get away with a tank top, now I have to put a shirt and a jacket over my tank.  Boo hoo…Fall doesn’t officially start until Sunday and I’m already ridiculously depressed by this development.

Today I went with some browns/mustards/teals, and layered with my wardrobe’s cameleon, the chambray shirt.  I really do believe you can wear a chambray shirt with anything.





Shoes:  Payless ($16.99)

Skinnies:  LOFT ($20, on sale from $60)

Tank:  Gap (super old)

Chambray shirt:  Marshall’s ($16.99)

Necklace:  American Eagle (circa 2004)


Apple Picking


The title to this blog post is a bit misleading because I actually have not been apple picking and don’t really have an intentions of apple picking in the near future, but this outfit makes me feel like I should go apple picking.  Classic look with brown boots, blue jeans, a plaid button down and leather jacket.





Shoes: (on sale $16)

Jeans:  Old Navy ($30)

Shirt:  Target (old – purchased probably 6  years ago)

Jacket:  Kohls ($58, on sale from $120)

Necklace:  Harvest Beads, Manchester CT

Hot Colors on a Hot Day


Its HOT today…in the 90s.  I love love love it, but it’s just a little weird because it’s been cold the past few days.  I don’t think it got above 60 on Monday and now it’s back in the 90’s.  Whatever, I’ll take it! haha!  I just got this skirt at Ann Taylor LOFT online during a flash sale for 60% off! Sweet deal.  I love the magenta/orange combo, so I paired it with a simple cotton tank.  I ended up wearing the long gold necklace, not the jcrew inspired statement necklace.  I figured enough was enough!



Shoes:  Payless ($16.99)

Skirt:  LOFT ($22, Flash Sale – originally $59)

Shirt:  Gap ($10)

Necklace:  Old

Watch:  Kohls

Bracelets:  Alex & Ani