Lace and Boots


This outfit was a mess to pick out.  I actually had something completely different in mind and then I changed the shoes…and then when I changed the shoes, I changed the pants to match…and then when I changed the pants I changed the shirt….3 times…. Haha, its kind of like that store When You Give a Mouse a Cookie, only it happened in my closet, and I didn’t have time for a nap after. boooo

I bought these boots last fall, and though I love them, I’ve been having a hard time styling them.  It’s been difficult to wear these boots wile still remaining feminine, so I had the brilliant idea to add in my lace shirt!  Voila!






Edward Scissor Hands Meets Flying Squirrel


K, i feel like I have a love hate relationship with this shirt. I love it, but it’s very strange to me.  When I hold up my arms i look like a flying squirrel, but when i keep them down i feel like Edward Scissorhands.  It’s one of those shirts that I always am on the verge of getting rid of, but never actually do. After seeing the pics, I’m still unsure…chances are it will stay put for a while.





Orange is the New Black


Orange is the new black…I just watched the series and have decided that it was a good motto for my wardrobe this fall too.  For some reason, I’ve been really getting into the color that I had never really liked before.  Hey, whatever works!

I added this ruffle tank with my burnt orange sweater from J.Crew along with my beads.


Transistioning a Summer Favorite To Fall


Over this past summer I realized that I love the stripes/leopard combo!  I love it so much, I’m now finding a way to bring that into my fall fashion.  I paired a striped tee and leopard scarf that I have worn multiple times over the summer with shorts, with a darker, longer pair of slacks.  Since it’s still kind of indian summer, I’m wearing my new Zoe Ankle Slacks from Ann Taylor Loft, but there is a chill in the morning so I added on my short sleeved wool jacket.  love it!  Also, since I just got these slacks a couple weeks ago, I was hoping that I’d be able to find another couple ways to wear them before it got too cold for them…mission accomplished!

*Please note that i’m not trying to look miserable in the first pic…I was rushing before work so I couldn’t retake it! yikeesss!





Shoes:  Payless ($15)

Slacks:  LOFT ($2.44 – marked down from $60!!!)

Shirt:  Kohl’s (old)

Scarf:  Bob’s – birthday gift from sister.

Jacket:  Banana Republic ($79 – old apx 3 years)

End of Summer Depression


I can’t really think of anything that I really want to wear, probably mostly because I’m so depressed that it’s “layer season”.  It’s freezing cold outside now in the morning and where I used to be able to get away with a tank top, now I have to put a shirt and a jacket over my tank.  Boo hoo…Fall doesn’t officially start until Sunday and I’m already ridiculously depressed by this development.

Today I went with some browns/mustards/teals, and layered with my wardrobe’s cameleon, the chambray shirt.  I really do believe you can wear a chambray shirt with anything.





Shoes:  Payless ($16.99)

Skinnies:  LOFT ($20, on sale from $60)

Tank:  Gap (super old)

Chambray shirt:  Marshall’s ($16.99)

Necklace:  American Eagle (circa 2004)


Apple Picking


The title to this blog post is a bit misleading because I actually have not been apple picking and don’t really have an intentions of apple picking in the near future, but this outfit makes me feel like I should go apple picking.  Classic look with brown boots, blue jeans, a plaid button down and leather jacket.





Shoes: (on sale $16)

Jeans:  Old Navy ($30)

Shirt:  Target (old – purchased probably 6  years ago)

Jacket:  Kohls ($58, on sale from $120)

Necklace:  Harvest Beads, Manchester CT

Hot Colors on a Hot Day


Its HOT today…in the 90s.  I love love love it, but it’s just a little weird because it’s been cold the past few days.  I don’t think it got above 60 on Monday and now it’s back in the 90’s.  Whatever, I’ll take it! haha!  I just got this skirt at Ann Taylor LOFT online during a flash sale for 60% off! Sweet deal.  I love the magenta/orange combo, so I paired it with a simple cotton tank.  I ended up wearing the long gold necklace, not the jcrew inspired statement necklace.  I figured enough was enough!



Shoes:  Payless ($16.99)

Skirt:  LOFT ($22, Flash Sale – originally $59)

Shirt:  Gap ($10)

Necklace:  Old

Watch:  Kohls

Bracelets:  Alex & Ani

Going Green


I tried on about 1.5 million outfits last night and they were all stupid.  haha.  I was having one of those moments where I hated everything I owned, but in the end I actually like this outfit.  I ended up with really comfy shoes, my leopard toms, stretchy denim, and a flowy banana republic blouse.  Then added in a statement necklace for good measure. It’s easy and casual and I like the way the lime and emerald look together.





Shoes:  Tom’s Shoes ($20)

Jeans:  Old Navy ($30)

Blouse:  Banana Republic ($8)

Necklace:  Strut, Austin Texas ($12)

Earrings:  old, gift from sister years ago

The Cat’s Meow


I’ve been wanting this dress something terrible.  No really.  For the last 6 – 8 weeks I’ve been absolutely DYING for the dress.  I’ve been checking it out on everyday.  Sometimes more than once a day.  So when I finally found myself in the store I decided it was time to bite the bullet and buy the damn dress.  It just so happened that they had exactly one dress (in the back, not even on display), and it was exactly my size.  If that doesn’t scream fate, I don’t know what does!!  The dress wasn’t on sale, which is a huge turn off to me, but sometimes when you want something bad enough, you gotta treat yo self!

The story gets better though, of course. I went home to see if they had the dress online for cheaper…they did. I got an email earlier that morning for a 40% off sale.  OK, great! I can get the dress for $50 instead of $80, and they had that skirt that i tried on in the store that I just loved that they didn’t have in my size.  Awesome. I went to check out and for some reason my coupon code wasn’t working.  So I called the corporate office where the girl explained they were having a flash sale, and I should try that code instead.  So I did.  I ended up getting my dress 60% off, aka only $35!! And I got the Skirt!  So both the skirt and the dress, which originally would have cost $140+, I got for $55!  Needless to say, I’m more than happy with my online purchases



Shoes:  Payless ($16.99)

Dress:  LOFT ($34, on sale from $85)

Necklace: Charming Charlie ($15)

Watch:  Kohl’s, J.Lo Line

Feeling Green, Don’t be Envious


I couldn’t decide what to wear today, but since I sit in a lot of meetings on Fridays and I’m exhausted from the week I tend to keep it pretty casual.  Today I’m wearing my leopard Tom’s.  Why?  Because leopard goes with everything is Tom’s are the epitome of comfort (that is, of course, besides Uggs and Crocks).  I’m also wearing an old pair of jeans, an old lightweight, shortsleeved sweater, and some gold/pearl jewelry.  Boom.





Shoes:  Tom’s ($20)

Jeans:  Old Navy (old / hand me down from sister)

Shirt:  Banana Republic (old)

Necklace:  Francesca’s Collection (gift)

Bracelets:  J.Crew (borrowed from sister)



I can’t stress enough how much of a steal these pants were!! I got them at Ann Taylor LOFT over labor day weekend.  I was looking through the sale rack (of course) and came across these Zoe Ankle Trouser Pants.  They aren’t necessarily something that would have caught my eye for $70, which was their original price, but for $4.88, sure I’ll try them on.  I tried them on.  They were light weight, comfortable, and professional looking and thought I’d get them to wear to work.  Then I realized the best part:  they were on sale – 50% off.  They were literally only $2.44.  Even if I wear them only once, they are TOTALLY worth it.  That being said, after wearing them once, I’m already completely planning on wearing them again – I’m hoping to get at least 2 – 3 more wears on them before it gets too cold to wear ankle trousers.









Shoes:  Payless (old, but if i remember correctly they were $16.99)

Pants:  LOFT ($2.44)

Shirt:  Kohl’s ($20)

Necklace:  Charming Charlie ($15)

Coral and Navy


I just got these new patent leather pointy toe flats from Banana Republic on discount and I’m loving them!  Matches my blazer perfectly!  I I wore it with navy/white stripes, but I think you could wear any shirt with it.







Shoes:  Banana Republic ($40 marked down from $110)

Jeans:  Gap (old)

Tank:  Old Navy (old)

Blazer:  The Limited ($50, marked down from $100)

Black and White


This look is SOO comfy.  Leggings, tee and a vest with some chucks.  And that’s all I have to say about that.


Shoes:  Payless (old)

Leggings:  Kohl’s, Vera Wang ($20)

Shirt:  Forever 21 (hand me down from sister)

Vest:  Old Navy

Bracelet:  Lia Sophia


Mint and Salmon Make A Better Outfit than Sandwich


Mint and salmon make a better outfit than and sandwich.  Might be corny, but its definitely true!!  I put these two colors together and love it.  I got this mint peplum skirt online recently and can’t get enough of it…but unfortunately its not something you can wear everyday.


Shoes: ($40)

Skirt:  Dillards ($30)

Shirt:  Banana Republic ($15)

Dressing Up a Tee


Dressing Up a Tee is as easy as one, two, three.  I cannot believe how easy it is to dress up such a simple outfit!  Seriously though.  Jeans and a white tee…add a black blazer and chunky necklace and we are all spiffed up.  cool.


Shoes:  Payless ($20)

Jeans:  Old Navy (old)

Shirt:  Forever 21 (hand me down from sister)

Blazer:  Banana Republic (and me down from friend)

Necklace:  Charming Charlie ($15)

Purse:  Kenneth Cole

My Novel Idea – Turning a Dress Into a Shirt


I was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted to wear and saw this sun dress and decided to give it one last whirl around by turning it into a shirt by adding a skirt.  Same dress, but looks TOTALLY different in the two outfits.


Skirt:  Gap ($1.17 <- no joke)

Dress:  Old Navy (old)

Pink Belt:  Old Navy ($10)

Yay for Neon!!


Yay for neon, and also for one of my favorite color combos!  I love my neon yellow/lime skirt with magenta tops!  It’s such a great color combination.



Shoes:  Payless ($20)

Skirt:  The Limited

Shirt:  Express

Necklace:  Ann Taylor LOFT

Sisterhood of the Traveling Shirt


About 8 years ago one of my oldest friends gave me this shirt as a hand me down.  I wore it for a couple of years, eventually got sick of it and gave it to my sister.  Then last weekend my sister let me shuffle through a bag of things that she was getting rid of and I came across this shirt and remembered how much I liked and took it back. haha.  It sure has made its’ rounds so far…we’ll have to see where it is in a few years. LOL

These earrings were a gift from a gal who I purchased some jewelry from on Etsy!  How sweet!  Check out Anne Emma Jewelry on HERE




Shoes:  Sperry Top Sider

Shorts:  Forever 21 (hand me down)

Blouse:  Charlotte Rouse  (hand me down)

Necklace:  hand me down from sister.

A Glam Piece


Glamorizing my simple outfit today with a glittery necklace.  Easy Enough!  I love this necklace and got it from a gal named Anne Emma.  Check out her etsy shop to see lots of amazing jewelry!!



Shoes:  Payless

Jeans:  Old Navy

Shirt:  Forever 21


Making a Statement


My sister was getting rid of this shirt and I snatched it right up because I knew it would match my newest j-crew knockoff necklace.  Added in my white skinnies, and some leopard Toms and called it a day.





Shoes:  Tom’s

Skinnies:  Express

Shirt:  Express

Necklace:  purchased online

A Summer Scarf


I decided to pull out a summer scarf.  My mama gave me this one.  It’s nice and light so its just fine to wear in the summer with some lighter pieces.





Shoes: Sperry Top Sider 

Skinnies:  Old Navy

Tank:  Old Navy

Scarf:  gift from mom

Nothing Like a Good Pattern Mix!


Stripes and leopard has got to be one of my favorite pattern combos to mix.  It’s just one of those things you would never put together, but then when you see it, it looks great!





Shoes:  Payless

Shorts:  Gap

Tee:  Kohl’s

Scarf:  Bob’s

Earrings:  NYC Stand

4 Pieces and Voila!


I’ve been thinking about this outfit for a while now and finally got it together and got it on.  It’s easy enough, 3 pieces, 4 if you count the necklace.  Nothing too crazy, but sometimes the simple things are the best.






Shoes:  Payless

Skirt:  J.Crew

Shirt:  Banana Republic

Necklace:  Pac Sun

Old, New, and Borrowed, Oh My!


I have had this tank for probably 6 years, and when I got it, it was a hand me down from a friend.  Let’s just say this tank has really put some mileage on!!  The skirt is “new” meaning, I got it within the last 12 months.  Because I was planning to wear this to work, I borrowed a cardigan from my sister to cover up a bit.






Shoes:  Payless ($15)

Skirt:  The Limited ($20)

Tank:  Old Navy (very old / hand me down)

Cardigan:  Old Navy (borrowed from sister)

Feelin Dottie


I loveeee this skirt.  I always feel like once I wear a skirt on a Monday I wear skirts for the rest of the week.  I’m not sure really why I do that, but I do.  haha.  I love this J. Crew Pencil Skirt, and Banana Republic blouse.  Nice, light, and airy for our humid summer!






Shoes:  Payless ($20)

Skirt:  J.Crew ($23, originally $85)

Blouse:  Banana Republic ($8, originally $50)

Bracelets:  Alex & Ani / J. Crew

A Steal of a Deal!


I bought this skirt a few months ago in hopes that it would fit me one day…and it finally does! yes!!  Mainly I love this skirt for two reasons:  1. the neon color and 2. (and more importantly) it cost me $1.17, when it was originally $50!  Whatta steal!  I’m still working on what top to wear it with, but chose a solid tank for today.




Sandals:  Target ($15)

Skirt:  Gap ($1.17)

Tank:  Old Navy ($5)

Captain Oh Captain


If I had an anchor necklace, which I actually really want, by the way, I would wear it with this outfit, because I feel as though its very nautical!  I did not have an anchor necklace, though, so instead I wore my long locket.  good enough for me!





Shoes:  Payless ($15)

Skinnies:  Express (old)

Shirt: GAP (old)

Necklace: Kohls (old)

Lacey and Cool


It’s warm here in CT.  Haha…thats the understatement of the century…its HOT!! Its almost 100 degrees, so the less clothes the better.  A skirt and tank is doing the trick today!  I’m wearing my new peplum lace pencil skirt from Dillard and an old tank to try and beat the heat.  (who am I kidding I love this hot weather! bring it on summer!)  The necklace was a Christmas gift from my lil brother!  Nice pick! I matches perfectly! I even painted my nails to match!  Please disregard my feet…I’m a runner, I can’t help it!! #runnersproblems






Shoes:  Banana Republic (old)

Skirt:  Dillards ($24)

Shirt:  Old Navy ($5)

Necklace:  Harvest Bead Co.

Neon Yellow, Gold, Blue, and Leopard


Today I’m wearing a neon yellow cotton top.  I haven’t actually worn this yet, and got it really cheap at the Cap a while back.  I like it because its neon, and also because there is an exposed gold zipper down the back, which of course I forgot to take a picture of.  I paired it with gold jewelry and finished it off with leopard print flats.  done.





Shoes:  Target ($15)

Skirt:  Old Navy ($1.17)

Top:  Gap

Necklace:  Express

Neon for Days


I got this dress earlier this year at Ann Taylor Loft and I just loveeee it!  I love wearing neon colors, and this dress takes the cake with its bright stripe down the front and neon yellow details.  It’s really the cream of the crop as far as neon goes!  To top it off, I paired it with neon yellow accessories.







Shoes:  Payless ($25)

Dress:  Ann Taylor Loft ($28)

Belt:  Banana Republic ($8)

Necklace:  Ann Taylor Loft (borrowed from sister)

Earrings:  Aldo (3 pairs for $9)

A Scary Victorian


I’ve had this shirt for years, and I’ll be the firs tone to admit that it’s a little weird, but there is something about it that I love.  Like it’s pretty and scary at the same time.  I paired this with my apparent summer-favorite:  my skinny camos, and voila, an outfit that is so comfy I could sleep in it!!




Sandals:  Old Navy ($5 – old)

Skinnies:  TJ Maxx ($17) originally purchased as flares, but I sewed them into skinnies

Tank:  Target (old)

Necklace:  Target Beads, Manchester CT

Now I See What Happened There…


I got this shirt from my sister.  She was getting rid of it, and when I saw it in her “give away” pile, I thought “oh that shirt is cute! I’ll take that!  She willingly handed it over but neglected to mention that she was giving it away because it was defective.  I was feeling lazy this morning and just quickly threw on some old skinnies and this tank and was only about half way to work (I live a mere 10 minutes away from work) when I realized my fatal mistake.  The reason my sis was giving the shirt away was because the strips do NOT stay on your shoulders.  It’s like your shoulders and the tank straps are polar opposites and refuse to stay together.  UGH!  needless to say I have already given the shirt away to the next poor soul who things it will be different for her…


Shoes:  Target ($15)

Skinnies:  Old Navy (old)

Tank:  Express (hand me down from sis)

Necklace:  Harvest Beads, Manchester, CT – old

Something Borrowed


My sister just got this dress over the weekend at the GAP on super clearance, and suggested that I wear it this week. Yes, before she has even worn it herself…do I have the best sister or what?! Anyways I paired it with a gold skinny belt, and a yellow statement necklace, which is also my sisters. Then threw on some gold gladiators and called it a day…a happy bright cheerful day!!

Oh and PS- this dress has pockets which obviously increases its value ten fold!!







A fun comfy dress for a steal!


I got this dress a couple years ago for practically nothing at Ann Taylor LOFT. In fact, I got it so cheap that I even got it in another color too, which you’ll probably see sometime soon!! I like wearing the gold earrings with this dress because I feel like they mimic the gold sequins on the dress.




Dress: LOFT ($5)
Shoes: old
Earrings: old

Better Late Than Never!


This post is late, but better late than never, am I right? So today I ended my week of skirts with this zebras number. I got this skirt super on sale at LOFT, and just love it…I haven’t found a good way to wear it other than with a black top, but ill certainly work on it!!




Shoes: ($40)
Skirt: LOFT ($15)
Shirt: Old Navy ($5)
Necklace: New York & Co. (Gift)

4th of July!!


Happy 4th of July!! Today I’m going to a pool party and it’s about 90 degrees so I decided that I’d go with a lightweight cotton sun dress. Then I added in a navy skinny belt (which I will admit I bought specifically for this outfit but have been craving for a while) and my white bubble necklace. And voila! My red, white, and blue Independence Day outfit! I loveeee it!



Shoes: Ralph Lauren ($30)
Dress: LOFT (borrowed from sister)
Belt: Target ($12)
Necklace: Charming Charlie ($15)

Polkadots and Peach


This skirt is one my sister and I got “to share” a few months ago but it hasn’t fit me until now (yay!) I love it with this peach color and pretty much will wear these awesome peach pumps any chance I get!







Shoes: ($40)
Skirt: j.Crew
Tank: banana republic (old)
Earrings: Lia Sophia (old)

Obsessed with my new statement necklace


Day two of skirt week!! Today I’m in my burnt orange pencil skirt and a navy blue tank from Ann Taylor Loft. I based this outfit around my new statement necklace that I’m basically obsessed with.



Shoes: Payless
Skirt: Banana Republic
Tank : LOFT

Mustard and Royal


This week I’m all about pencil skirts. I love my skirts and even though I feel bad leaving all my colored skinnies out of the mix, I think they’ll get over it because they will have plenty of play time once it gets cold!!

Today I’m wearing my mustard pencil skirt from the limited along with my royal blue blouse. No necklace today. Instead I’m going with a pair of statement earrings




Shoes: Payless ($15)
Skirt: Limited ($20)
Blouse: limited ($12)
Earrings: Francesca’s Collections ($8)

Old But Not Forgotten: Blue and Green Color Block with a Pop of Leopard


I wanted to wear a dress today, but I realized I didn’t have the perfect necklace…but after I borrow that perfect necklace, I’m all over it! haha  Instead I went with an old favorite:  My Lauren Conrad green skinnies, and blue cowl neck tank.  Then to spice it up I added my leopard sandals, because leopard goes with everything…right?  Then I added gold and diamond jewelry. I can’t believe I haven’t worn this yet this year, I love this outfit!









blue earrings
blue necklace

blue shoes

Shoes: ($15)

Skinnies: Kohl’s, Lauren Conrad (can’t remember – old)

Shirt:  Banana Republic (can’t remember – old)

Earrings:  Gift from Carrie!

Necklace:  Old can’t remember

Blue without Orange…Yes, it’s true


I’m wearing another one of my sister’s dresses today.  This one is cotton and is SOOOOOO comfortable!  I love it!  It’s just a plain teal colored dress, so I added a thick black belt and some black accessories.  I am also wearing a black cardigan with this outfit, which is not shown, because my office is super cold!






Shoes:  Payless (hand me down from mom)

Dress:  Land’s End (borrowed from sister)

Necklace:  Harvest (Bead and jewelry store in Manchester CT )

Earrings:  Lia Sophia

Bracelet:  Lia Sophia

Orange and Blue…Again!


I didn’t realize it until I started writing this post, but yes, it’s true…I’m in orange and blue again today for the second day in a row!  Well here’s what happened…my sister lent me a few dresses (this one and the one I’m gonna wear tomorrow), so I thought I oughta wear them soon so I can give them back to her. It’s about 80 degrees and humid as all get out (no seriously, I could SEE the humidity on my way to the gym and on my run this morning), but I still need the sweater because my office can be cold.  #deskjobproblems.

Anywwayssss…I decided on some wedge sandals with the dress (mostly because I had enough time to paint my toenails last night) and blue jewelry to match my blue sweater.  I likey!!





Shoes:  Old Navy, but suppppperrrr old so I can’t remember the price

Dress:  LOFT (borrowed from sister)

Necklace:  Francesca’s Collections ($8, originally $21)

Cardigan:  Old Navy

Mixing a Loud Print with a Loud Color


I saw this look a few months ago.  To be completely honest, I don’t even remember where I saw it but I had this saved on my phone and have been waiting for the right time to wear it.  I like the outcome.

inspiration on the left, me on the right

inspiration on the left, me on the right




Shoes:  Payless ($15)

Skirt:  LOFT

Shirt:  GAP ($8.99 orginally $27.99)

Pop of Neon


I wore this out to dinner last night with my bestie, and was too lazy to pick out a new outfit for today, so here it goes again…why not? haha  It seems to be my new monday trend to “rewear” one of my weekend outfits.

6.24.13 full

6.24.13 earrings

6.24.13 shoes

Shoes: ($15)

Pants:  TJ Maxx ($18)

Tank:  Old Navy ($5)

Purse:  TJMaxx, Jessica Simpson Line ($25)

Earrings:  old