It Snowed Again Last Night…


So, since it snowed again last night, I decided I needed to wear something comfy and cozy to work…aka my oversized grey sweater that goes with everything in my mind!  I paired it with a purple striped button down, my new statement necklace (a relic of Austin, TX), some gray booties, and gold earrings.  I also have a long sleeved shirt on under the button down because I’m just FREEZING this morning!  Hurry up spring!!


Booties:  Rampage (purchased at Famous Footwear)

Emerald Green Skinnes (Color of the year, by the way!):  Lauren Conrad, Kohls

Purple Striped Button Down:  Ralph Lauren (hand me down)

Gray Sweater:  Willie Smith (purchased at TJ Maxx)

Emerald Statement Necklace:  STRUT, (Austin, TX)

Earrings:  Lia Sophia

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