Puppy Love


I love my dalmatian sweater!  It’s super cute, and I can wear it with color or with black or with blue jeans!  I lovvveee it!  This is my personal favorite look with this sweater – dalmatian sweater with  hot pink!  My sister got me this awesome pink bubble necklace for Christmas that I would also like to wear with this sweater, but it was too much with the pants and belt so I had to make a cut…next time, though!  Next time!


Flat Black Boots:  Steve Madden, purchased at DSW

Pink Skinnies:  New York and Company

Dalmatian Sweater:  Old Navy

Necklace:  New York and Company

Watch:  JLo (purchased at Kohls)

Peace Ring:  Purchased on the boardwalk at Hampton beach for like $3…its one of my FAVES! (also one of the only pieces of jewelry given to me from an ex-boyfriend that I still wear frequently).

Black Onyx Ring:  New York and Company

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