Dubuque Days


So here I am in Iowa. What’s in Iowa? My family. That’s it…no really…there is pretty much nothing else out here, but its always great to visit and see the family. Anyways, so I know I wore this sweater a last week, but I styled it differently, which makes it a completely different outfit! I opted for some flats (Dubuque isn’t much of a “stiletto-society”), my awesome hot pink bubble necklace my sister gave me for Christmas, and a sock bun. Sock bun was mostly because I don’t have a blow dryer and didn’t have time to wash my hair and let it dry so this was the most acceptable thing I could come up with. Thank God for long hair! Am I right?



Shoes: JustFab.com
Skinnies: Express circa 2006 (fun fact: this was my first ever pair of skinnies
Dalmatian Sweater: Old Navy
Bubble Necklace: Christmas gift from my Seester
Watch: J.Lo (purchased at Kohls)
Bracelet: Tiffany’s
Ring: Hampton Beach

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