Mustard & Egglplant


I’m loving my mustard skinnies this season and am having a hard time not “over-wearing” them!  Today I paired them with an eggplant cloak-sweater, some boots and gold jewelry.  I love my elephant necklace (you’ll notice I have a lot of elephant accessories).  Elephants are wicked cool because they are HUGE, and they are one of the most intelligent animals in the world.  A lot smarter than your dog that you have trained to sit and stay!  They are also a sign of good luck and wisdom, and to be frank, my life could use a little of both of those on a daily basis!


Mustard Skinnies:  Ann Taylor Loft

Boots:  Old Navy

Nude Turtleneck:  Old Navy (*Note:  the turtleneck is stretchy and skin tight, but its GREAT for wearing under sweaters on cold days!)

Cloak-Sweater:  Old Navy

Elephant Necklace:  Really Old, can’t remember

Bracelets:  Mix of Alex and Ani, Claires, and J.Crew.

Earrings:  Really Old, can’t remember

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