Cozy Snowy Morning


It snowed last night – only about a half inch, but still, that’s enough for me to bundle up tight!  Today I went with tan and white striped waffle thermal, light skinnies, green hat/scarf, silver accessories (except my watch) and my snow boots.  I especially love this hat because it was free!  At my job we have this thing called the “swap shop*”.  Its a place where employees can leave and take stuff.  It’s basically a free tag sale.  You bring something in that you don’t want, and take someone else’s crap that they don’t want.  It follows the whole “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” mentality, and I LOVE it!


Boots:  Timberland

Skinnies:  Ann Taylor Loft

Shirt:  Plato’s (originally from the GAP)

Scarf:  gift

Necklace:  can’t remember (very very old)

Earrings:  Charity Fundraiser

Hat:  Swap Shop* (originally from target)

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