Black, White and Red All Over


Today has been rough…and it’s still early!  I set my alarm for PM instead of AM, and consequently this caused me to miss my bootcamp class.  What was most annoying about this situation was that I was SOOOOO ready last night.  Had my bag my the door, my keys and purse on top of that, my breakfast, lunch, and water bottle stacked in the fridge, ready to go, and for what?  To be late like every other day.

Anyways, today I went with the maroon sweater that I loved when I bought it, but can’t figure out a way I love to wear it, matching maroon tights, a black skirt, a striped top and some black accessories.  Hey, even my phone matches! 🙂




Tights:  not sure – mom gave them to me for Christmas

Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft.  (I got this skirt years ago, but its a classic pencil skirt, so I’m sure it would be easy to find!)

Striped Top:  Kohls

“Tuxedo” Sweater:  Ann Taylor Loft

Necklace:  Kohls

Elephant Earrings (which I’m obsessed with):

Onyx Ring:  Kohls

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