Back to the Office


Yesterday I was in NYC for a conference, but today I’m back in the office – yay! I actually hate NYC with a passion so to be back to CT is great!  I’m going today with a “dressy-cas” outfit.  I’m wearing some low black wedges, a realllllllllllly comfy blue skirt, and a striped t-shirt, but dressed up with a black blazer and “messy” pearls.


Shoes:  Payless ($16)

Skirt:  Old Navy ($1.17, literally – super clearance score!!)

Shirt:  Kohl’s ($7 – clearance find last year)

Blazer:  Banana Republic (hand-me-down, aka FREE)

Necklace:  Ann Taylor Loft (not sure on price)

Earrings:  can’t remember, but somewhere like Claire’s or the Icing.

point being – you don’t have to be rich to be fashionable (or what I consider fashionable anyways!)

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