Necessary Neon

Necessary Neon

I’m SOOOOO sick of winter.  Every part of it.  The cold, the darker colors, the layers.  I want spring…no I want summer – but I’ll certainly take spring over this.  One day its 50 degrees, the next day we get 20 inches of snow, the next day it melts into a disgusting mess, and the cycle seems to keep repeating itself over and over and over…and I’ll tell you what – I’m over it.

Today I”m wearing this awesome sweater from the Gap that is neon orange and pink.  I just got it this past weekend on clearance, and it is definitely a winter sweater based on it’s weight, but the colors are totally spring and super hot!  I paired it with gold accessories, nice tall ankle boots and my dark denim skinnies.  What do you think?


Booties: ($39.95)

Skinnies:  Express (circa 2006 – I’ve certainly gotten my wear out of these puppies!!)

Sweater:  Gap (originally $54.95, which I would never pay – I paid $19.50 – that’s a $35 saving!)

Watch:  Kohls (originally $185, I paid under $90 – but is almost identical to the $275 Michael Kors watch, really it is…I get asked all the time.)

Bracelets:  Alex & Ani and J. Crew (gifts)

Necklace:  Christmas gift from my sister

Earrings:  Lia Sophia ($34)

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