Black And Tan

THIS is my preferred Black and Tan!

THIS is my preferred Black and Tan!

OK, so I’m not gonna lie, this isn’t necessarily my favorite Black and Tan, but on a Wednesday I’ll take it.  I’ve been having some “calf issues” that have come to the surface as a result of the lethal mixture of 5 inch heels and being a runner.  No, I don’t wear 5 inch heels while I’m running, but I do wear them on a daily basis…and then throwing on my flat running shoes and going for miles just makes everything super tight and super sore.  Pain is beauty, right?  Well at any rate, I decided to give my poor legs a break wear (almost) flat boots today, leggings, and a tunic.  suuuuppperrr comfy.  Feels like pajamas, but looks like a “real outfit”.  The shirt isn’t mine, it’s my sister’s.  Having a sister is ok I guess, but having a sister that is basically the same clothing size as you is AMAZING…hello doubled wardrobe!


Shoes:  Liz and Co. (Christmas Gift)

Leggings:  Vera Wang at Kohl’s ($20, regularly $36)

Tank:  Old Navy ($5, regularly $10)

Tunic:  Borrowed from my sister (she said it’s from Marshall’s)

Necklace:  Tag Sale (25 cents)

Watch:  JLo at Kohls

Bangles:  Alex & Ani and J.Crew

Earrings:  Express (longggg time ago)

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