Girly Business


I did NOT want to get out of bed today, so it’s a pretty good thing I already had this outfit picked out.  It’s really a simple outfit, but looks neat.  Actually I bypass it a lot when I’m sifting through my closet.  It’s really not my favorite outfit, and I’m not sure why because when I do wear it, I tend to get compliments on it.  Either way, it will have to do for today.  Basically my whole outfit is black:  socks, shoes, pants, and tank, with a light-weight, baby pink “flowy” top with some black sequence stripes.  Jewelry is a mix of gold, silver and black.  Why?  Why not?


Shoes: (39.99)

Skinnies:  J.Crew toothpick skinnies ($15 on super clearance – go me!)

Tank:  Experss (I think these are $20, but I didn’t buy this one…I accumulated it somewhere along the way…)

Shirt:  Kohl’s ($15)

Earrings:  Lia Sophia

Necklace:  Realllllllllllly Old (probably like 15 years) as a result, I have no idea!

Bracelets:  Alex & Ani and J.Crew

Watch:  JLo from Kohls

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