Casual Friday


OK by now you can see that I love wearing heels and have been wear true heels a LOT.  I’m not talking wedges or boots with a 1.5 inch heel (aka “lifts”)  I’m talking 5-inchers – what some people may call “stilts”.  I. love. it.   As I’ve previously mentioned, this is taking a toll on my poor calves so I’m surrendering and calling it quits on the stilts (for this week anyway).  Instead, I’m going to bring out a pair of my favorite leopard loafers, since it is spring again!  I’m IN LOVE with leopard and mint this season.  Truth be told, I’ve always been a huge fan of leopard print (I’m not big on snake skin or zebra, but I love me some leopard all day long).  Anyways, I love leopard and mint this season, which you can tell by my leopard loafers and scarf and mint sweater.

This mint sweater was a steal because it was “damaged”.  I LOVE when I see one of those little tags on a piece of clothing because most of the time it’s not a big deal, but it does result in a huge price difference.  This particular item had a coffee stain on it, and though it’s part of their spring line and still being displayed in the store at full price, it was significantly marked down because of this imperfection.  The spot was about the size of my pinky nail and was on the side of the sweater – not even visible when looking at it straight on.  I drink a lot of coffee and know that most of the time coffee comes right out without any problem, which was, of course, the case here – 2 seconds of a tide white out pen and viola! Good as new!  At any rate, it was a risk I was willing to take because even if the stain didn’t come out as I suspected it would, I drink like 10 cups of coffee a day so it’s pretty likely that I’m going to spill coffee on it at some point anyways!


Shoes:  Sperry Top-Sider ($85 – unfortunately, no deal here)

Pants:  Old Navy (free-to-me, aka hand me down from my sis)

Sweater:  Gap ($19 – which is over a 50% discount)

Scarf:  Bob’s (again, free to me. this was an awesome birthday gift from my sister)

Earrings:  Blue Trading Moon Co. (These were a birthday gift from my good Friend Carrie sent all the way from Texas!)

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