Edgy glamour

Lace Peplum

This picture is borrowed from J’s Everyday Fashion Blog. Click on the picture to be brought directly to her website.

When I saw J wearing this outfit, I immediately wanted to repeat it. I have similar items and though obviously it looks better on her, I don’t hate the look I came out with either! I love the delicate girly lace paired with the distressed denim. Two totally different looks colliding into one outfit. May as well try it out! Why not? I chose to wear my black wedges instead of nude pumps, mostly because I’m planning on wearing the pumps later this week and I like to give all my shoes an equal turn.3.26.13_1


It’s a bit cold out so I wore a black leather blazer over the shirt on my way into work. I feel like the black leather is the perfect bridge between the ripped jeans and lace shirt.



Shoes: Payless (12.99)

Jeans: LOFT ($20)

Shirt: Kohls ($20)

Necklace: Charming Charlie ($12.99)

Earrings: Lia Sophia ($30)

Watch: Kohls ($90)

Bracelets: Alex & Ani and J.Crew (assorted prices)

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