“Summerizing” Spring


This picture is borrowed from boardwalk & Boulevards. Click the picture to be brought to the blog.

My sister turned me onto this idea after she saw some cute ideas to wear maxis any season on Pinterest and I took the idea and ran.  I have this cute (in my opinion) maxi dress, but its spaghetti straps, so I’ve always just referred to it as a summer dress.  I googled a couple different ideas and since I’m super into Chambray this season as well I landed on this option, which I found on a blog called Boardwalks & Boulevards.

My only problem was footwear.  Normally I’d wear this dress with flip flops (seeing as how I’ve only worn it in the summer), but its not nearly ff weather yet, so I was stuck.  Boots look silly with this dress, and all my heels made the dress too short.  I ended up going with a pair of flats from the GAP that I have only worn a few times.

Another revelation:  I took my bangles off.  If you view this blog daily you’ll notice I always have on my J.Lo watch and my Alex & Ani and J.Crew bangles.  It’s almost like they are part of my body…but today I decided to do more of a boho theme with the jewelry and wore a woven bead bracelet and leather bracelet that says “Ash”.  I stole this bracelet from one of my good friends Ashleigh when we were 13 and now 14 years later I’m still wearing it.

All in all, I’m loving that I was able to put together a new outfit and a completely new look (for me) out of a lot of old items! whoop!



Shoes:  GAP (originally $29.99, I paid $8.99)

Dress:  Target three summers ago. (I believe it was somewhere in the realm of $15-$20)

Chambray Shirt:  Old Navy ($19)

Necklace:  Lia Sophia (this was actually my “host gift” for having a party)

Beaded Bracelet:  Kohls ($3)

Leather Bracelet:  Borrowed (ok I stole it) from a friend decades ago

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