Laid Back Kinda Day


So this morning I woke up at 5AM…was SUPER AWAKE at 5AM.  This happens to me semi-frequently.  I’ll go back to sleep and then when my alarm actually goes off it’s like I’m so tired I can barely even move.  So today I decided to just get my butt outta bed and do all the little things that take 2 minutes that I’ve been putting off because they take 2 minutes.  And I did!  I did 2 loads of laundry, folded WEEKS worth of clean clothes (yay! I finally don’t have to fish through a huge pile to find a pair of matching socks), did dishes, emptied trash, cleaned out my fridge, vacuumed (sorry, people who lived under me), and got some cards together that I need to send out to people, all while watching Full House and Boy Meets World.  So you can only imagine by the time I got to work I was starving for lunch. Unfortunately, that won’t come for another 4 hours.  Nuts!

I’ve been doing a lot of “dressy” or otherwise “loud” outfits, but today I decided to follow K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid).  Why not some Ugg Mocs, skinnies, and a white tee with some Bohemian influenced jewelry.  I like it, and I’m comfy.


Shoes:  Ugg Australia ($100)

Skinnies:  Old Navy ($30)

Belt:  Old Navy ($10 about 10 years ago)

Tee:  Old Navy (I think it was around $10, but I’ve had this tee forrreverrrr so I can’t remember)

PeaPod Necklace:  gift me and my bestie got for each other

Hook Necklace:  gift from another friend (purchased at Harvest, Manchester CT)

Leaf Bracelet:  Kohls

Leather Bracelet:  Stolen from a childhood friend

Earrings:  Birthday gift from my work wifey

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