Inspiration Evolution


Today I’m wearing a new mustard skirt from the limited that I got super on sale a few weeks ago.  I really love the mustard color, and I didn’t have anything in particular in mind as to how I was going to wear it, but I wear my mustard skinnies all the time so I figured I’d have no problem figuring it out.  Then I came across this pic on J’s Everyday Fashion, and I knew that I had to try it out because I had very similar items.  She went with a striped shirt and pumps, I went with a polka dot shirt and booties – it’s what I had, so it’s what I did.

I also really like this outfit because I feel like I can wear it now in the spring, but I could also wear it in the fall and have it look great with some tights!  Below I posted the evolution of where J got the inspiration, her outfit, and then finally mine.  You can click on the link above or on the picture to be brought to her awesome blog.  Thanks J!

The Inspiration Evolution

The Inspiration Evolution

Close up of the shirt.  It's hard to see the polkadot detail in the far-away pics

Close up of the shirt. It’s hard to see the polkadot detail in the far-away pics



Booties: ($40)

Skirt:  Limited ($23, originally $60)

Shirt:  Marshall’s ($16)

Blazer:  Limited ($50)

Earrings:  really old – don’t remember

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  1. I LOVE IT! I actually have followed J’s Everyday Fashion for a while, she definitely helps me put together items I never thought would look good together… i.e. Mint & Sailor Stripes or Navy & white blazer with navy & white polka dot pants. I’m loving your looks! they are so versatile!

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