Feelin a Little Bit Country


I watched the last 3 episodes of Nashville last night and have been feelin a little bit country ever since!  I recently purchased these new cowboy boots because someone ate my last pair.  haha  I’m wearing it with a paisley dress that I got as a hand-me-down from my oldest friend that I received about 7 years ago, and a light blue cardigan, that used to be white until I washed it with a pair of dark jeans.  whoops!  Somehow the color is completely even, so I guess that’s cool.  Had a white cardi for a while, now I’ve got a blue cardi.

5.17.13 - instagram

Boots:  Target ($15, on sale from $30)

Dress: J.Crew (hand me down, so FREE)

Cardigan:  So old I have no clue…tag says “Cherokee”, but I don’t even know where that brand is sold!

Earrings:  Kohl’s ($3)

Necklace:  Lia Sophia

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