I saw this outfit on Pinterest a while ago.    Actually, my mom pinned this outfit on one of our shared boards.  Thanks Mom!  This outfit looks so comfy!  I didn’t feel like my “real” chambray shirt was long enough to wear with this (maybe after I lose 10 lbs I’ll change my mind), and I didn’t have leopard flats, though I feel my life is incomplete without them, so I should probably look into that ASAP, so I wore what I did have.  A chambray inspired collar shirt, leggings and some brown leather flats with a leopard scarf.  Problem solved.  Same general concept, but I moved the prints around a bit.  I like it.  Extremely comfy for work (obviously I don’t have to dress up at my office), and easy to make warmer or cooler by rolling up or down the sleeves.

5.29.13 - full

5.29.13 - earrings

5.29.13 - shoes

 Shoes:  Payless ($16.99)

Leggings:  Kohl’s ($20)

Shirt:  Ralph Lauren ($5 – also about  7 years old)

Scarf:  Bob’s (birthday gift from sister)

Earrings:  J.Crew (bridal party gift)

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