Dalmatian Spots + Hot Pink = Hot Combo!


Today I’m wearing my sister’s Dalmatian-ish spotted dress along with hot pink accessories.  Since its supposed to be in the 90s today I decided I wanted to wear a dress and it was between this one and a maxi (spoiler alert:  I’m wearing the maxi tomorrow).  I chose to wear the shorter dress today, and the maxi tomorrow because I’m dog walking at lunch and since the maxi is new I didn’t want to risk the bottom getting dirty outside.

Anyways, back to what I’m wearing today.  Today I’m in my sister’s dress, some black open toe wedges, and all pink accessories from my belt, to my watch, to my earrings, and of course to my statement necklace.  I love the black/white/hot pink combo.  The other part of this outfit that I love is that it was basically free because most of the items I’m wearing are borrowed, gifted or SUPER cheap.  See below the pic for costs.

5.30.13 - full

5.30.13 - topdown

5.30.13 - shoes

5.30.13 - instagram

Shoes:  Payless (“borrowed” from mom.  aka she bought them, wore them once, then gave them to me. SCORE)

Dress:  LOFT (borrowed from sister – Thanks Kate)

Belt:  Old Navy (2 pack for $15)

Necklace:  Christmas gift from sister

Earrings:  Aldo (3 pack for $9)

Watch:  LOFT ($10, on sale from $20)

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