Finally Getting What I Want


As I mentioned in a past post, I had been looking for camo skinnies without much luck in my price range.  I did find a pair of bootcut camo pants at TJ Maxx for $18, thought.  It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but the price was right, so I went with it and decided to try to make it work.  I did wear the pants a couple times, but just wasn’t crazy about the cut – It just wasn’t what I wanted.  So, I took matters into my own hands.  I looked up a tutorial online and pulled out my trusty sewing machine and sewed my cheap bootcut pants into the skinnies that I really wanted.  Final result:  not too shabby, if you ask my opinion!

6.10.13 pants before and after

Anyways, Today I’m wearing my “new” camo skinnies, with a white tee, my leopard Sperrys and my leopard scarf.  I love this combo, love this outfit, and love my “new” pants!

6.10.13 earrings

6.10.13 full

6.10.13 bracelet

6.10.13 shoes

Shoes:  Sperry Top Sider ($80)

Pants:  T.J. Maxx ($18)

Shirt:  Old Navy (really old)

Scarf:  Bob’s (birthday gift from sister)

Bracelet:  Lia Sophia

Earrings:  Old – Can’t remember


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