Old + Old + Old = New


Everything I’m wearing today is old.  Not like I-got-it-last-month old, more like I’ve had this for a few years, or this-was-my-sister’s-in-highschool old.  I look at a bunch of different “everyday fashion” blogs to get ideas for outfits and the one thing I’ve been seeing over and over again is gingham.  At first I was like “what the hell is gingham”, but over time I figured it out – I’m smart like that.  Now if you asked me a month ago what this pattern was, I’d say “checkered”, but now I know better. 😉 I wanted to try out the new trend, but unfortunately I’m on a “spending freeze” (that is, of course, until I find something that I just can’t continue living without!).  As I thought about it more, it dawned on me that I had a gingham light-weight scarf tucked away in my drawer that I haven’t worn in forever. This this is so old, I don’t even know where I got it.  I THINK it was a hand me down from my sister years ago, but honestly I have no clue.  I don’t think I purchased it, because it doesn’t look like something I’d typically buy, but then again, who knows…at any rate its OLD!  The easy thing to do would be to wear this scarf with a solid colored shirt, likely white.  But, being up for the challenge, I went with something different and decided to try pattern mixing.  I paired the scarf with a purple and white striped collared shirt that I’ve had for years.  This too is not something I bought, but rather, was a hand me down from a friend.  For bottoms I decided to go with my eggplant skinnies.  It’s a lot of purple today, but it’s all different patterns and hues.  It’s a monochromatic purple Tuesday for me!

6.11.13 full

6.11.13 outside

6.11.13 earrings

6.11.13 shoes

Shoes:  Payless ($16)

Skinnies:  New York and Co. (old – $59)

Shirt:  Ralph Lauren (hand me down)

Scarf:  Gap (hand me down)

Earrings:  Francesca’s Collections, Austin TX

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