Neon Stripes


My mom and I were looking at outfits this past weekend and she pointed out this outfit and said she liked it.  I actually really liked this outfit too, especially the neon striped shirt.  I’ve been meaning to wear it again, and have been dying to use my neon yellow purse that I bought over the winter especially for use this summer.  I decided to go with a pair of high waisted dark blue “sailor pants” that I got last summer and have only worn once or twice along with the striped shirt.  Essentially its the “pants version” of my first outfit.

6.18.13 full

6.18.13 top

6.18.13 purse

6.18.13 bottom

6.18.13 shoes

Shoes:  Payless ($24.99)

Pants:  J.Crew ($20 on clearance)

Shirt:  Gap ($1.78 on clearance)

Purse:  T.J. Maxx, Jessica Simpson Line ($25.00)

Necklace:  Charming Charlie ($14.99)

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