Recreation Friday


I got a promotional email from the Limited yesterday, which peaked my fashion tastes…mostly because I already had all the items necessary to accomplish it.  I’ve been having issues finding ways to wear these canvas sneakers without feeling like I’m on my way to the first day of 2nd grade, and when I saw this ad I thought “oh, I can do that”.   So, I started with the canvas kicks, added in my ripped white denim and chambray shirt.  Topped with my mint gauzey scarf and some gold jewelry for a clean and cool summer look.  The only negative thing I have to say about this look is that I decided my pants are too long…I probably should roll them, but of course I didn’t decide that until after I left home and I have two different colored socks on…whoops!

6.21.13 inspiration-recreation

6.21.13 full topdown

6.21.13 earrings

6.21.13 necklace

6.21.13 shoes

Shoes:  Urban Outfitters ($5 – on clearance)

Pants:  Express ($40 – on sale)

Top:  Old Navy ($30)

Scarf:  Charming Charlie ($15)

Necklace:  Lia Sophia ($35)

Earrings:  Express (old – can’t remember)

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