Orange and Blue…Again!


I didn’t realize it until I started writing this post, but yes, it’s true…I’m in orange and blue again today for the second day in a row!  Well here’s what happened…my sister lent me a few dresses (this one and the one I’m gonna wear tomorrow), so I thought I oughta wear them soon so I can give them back to her. It’s about 80 degrees and humid as all get out (no seriously, I could SEE the humidity on my way to the gym and on my run this morning), but I still need the sweater because my office can be cold.  #deskjobproblems.

Anywwayssss…I decided on some wedge sandals with the dress (mostly because I had enough time to paint my toenails last night) and blue jewelry to match my blue sweater.  I likey!!





Shoes:  Old Navy, but suppppperrrr old so I can’t remember the price

Dress:  LOFT (borrowed from sister)

Necklace:  Francesca’s Collections ($8, originally $21)

Cardigan:  Old Navy

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