I can’t stress enough how much of a steal these pants were!! I got them at Ann Taylor LOFT over labor day weekend.  I was looking through the sale rack (of course) and came across these Zoe Ankle Trouser Pants.  They aren’t necessarily something that would have caught my eye for $70, which was their original price, but for $4.88, sure I’ll try them on.  I tried them on.  They were light weight, comfortable, and professional looking and thought I’d get them to wear to work.  Then I realized the best part:  they were on sale – 50% off.  They were literally only $2.44.  Even if I wear them only once, they are TOTALLY worth it.  That being said, after wearing them once, I’m already completely planning on wearing them again – I’m hoping to get at least 2 – 3 more wears on them before it gets too cold to wear ankle trousers.









Shoes:  Payless (old, but if i remember correctly they were $16.99)

Pants:  LOFT ($2.44)

Shirt:  Kohl’s ($20)

Necklace:  Charming Charlie ($15)

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